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Do you want to grow your business into a customer-focused

YAKCRM is your Solution.

Customer Relationship Management Application

CRM Customer Relationship Management, this is an application for managing customer's bills for SMEs, it enables the sharing of data between deferent sectors with a simple operation safely.

This application provides:
• Monitoring of clients and contacts. 
• quotes. 
• Invoices and orders. 
• products and suppliers. 
• Monitoring of checks and cash. 
• Shared Agenda. 
• Messaging.
• facilitate the handling, reliability, efficiency, integration, intuitive and uncluttered interface. This is important for software used every day! Can not find on the market standard software that fits your needs?

We are specialized in the development of application data management. Such projects involves the architecture of databases, and the development of the user interfaces.

We can handle: 
• Technical advice on pre-project 
• Functional analysis and drafting of specifications, 
• Technical detailed analysis 
• Programming, 
• The post-project support, 
• User training, 
• The maintenance and updates.

The application interface is designed with the high level of usability for more intuitive use. Our applications are designed initially to evolve based on your needs and integrate your application with new modules and functionality.

We invite you to view a demo of the application in our website : http://yakweb.fr/demo
Please register in order to provide you with a username and a password to access the demo on the link : http://yakweb.fr/demo/inscription.php

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